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A Legal 500 top tier firm proudly serving the agricultural community of Cheshire and the North West of England for 30 years, our team of agricultural solicitors can assist with every aspect of your agricultural business and interests.

Agricultural law can be an extremely complex and problematic area of law due to the many different areas that is encompasses. Without the proper legal assistance these issues can lead to severe financial and personal implications. Our agricultural solicitors will provide you with professional and personal legal advice that will prevent these issues from occurring.

Our strength lies in the range of services that we provide for our agricultural clients, serving both their commercial and personal requirements. We are proud to act for a wide range of agricultural clients, including farming businesses and partnerships, rural family estates and smallholders serving both their commercial, family and personal matters.

We understand the importance of keeping up to date with the rapidly changing regulatory environment in which agricultural businesses now operate. Our strength lies in the comprehensive range of specialist legal services we offer to clients in the agricultural sector.

We work closely with agricultural surveyors and accountants in the region and beyond to ensure that we are leaders in our understanding of local and national issues and how these together with the European framework impact on our clients.

At Myerson your commercial, personal and family objectives are our paramount consideration. We recognise the importance of ensuring that your business, personal and family needs are kept up to date in a rapidly evolving compliance regime that is agriculture.

In 2017 The Legal 500 ranked our services as Tier 1 within the North West. The Legal 500 also stated our agriculture and estates department provides a ‘high level of knowledge and expertise’.

We are proud to be members of the National Farmers Union and the UK200 Agricultural Group.

Areas We Cover

Our specialist agriculture solicitors can assist with the full range of agricultural legal issues. This includes:

Farm Sales & Purchases

Whether you are an owner-occupier, landlord, tenant, smallholder or contract farmer, we provide a comprehensive agricultural property service tailored to your needs. We have particular expertise in farm acquisitions and disposals (by auction or by private treaty) and in landlord and tenant work.

Buying or selling a farm and/or a farming business is a specialist area and requires not only excellence in conveyancing, but also a thorough understanding of the farming business and the regulatory environment in which it operates.

We can assist you with your farm sale and or purchase; we will fully investigate the property position and carry out due diligence on the farming business itself. We understand that buying or selling a farm requires specialist skills above and beyond simply examining the title deeds for the property and the profit and loss account for the business.

Landlord & Tenants

Agricultural tenancies are a very specialised area. They require not only an understanding of the strict deadlines and notices often involved, but also an appreciation of the commercial reality of the situation of the landlord or the tenant ‘on the ground’.

We know that in agriculture a ‘one size fits all’ approach seldom applies to agricultural tenancies and grazing agreements and we work hard to structure tailored solutions for our landlord and tenant clients. We also recognise that, as the farming business grows, evolves and diversifies, land occupancy agreements may be required outside of the traditional model.

Our commercial background and ethos mean that we can advise our clients not only on traditional Farm Business Tenancies and Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies but also, where appropriate on more modern licences, farm sharing agreements and contract farming agreements.

Business Structures

Modern farming businesses operate in a complex regulatory environment.

As farming businesses grow and diversify, their agriculture business structure and model may also need to adapt and change.

We regularly advise our farming clients on succession issues and with the retirement and admission of new partners and we have particular expertise in the appointment and removal of directors, succession and retirement planning, mergers and farm sharing arrangements. We take the time to understand your specific agriculture business structure to ensure that you receive quality legal advice.

We also work closely with our rural clients in connection with corporate re-organisation for those who wish to move from the traditional partnership model to a limited company status or a hybrid mix of the two.

Succession Planning & Wealth Management

We are well aware that farmers have particular issues with regard to Inheritance Tax. In particular, they will want to qualify for Agricultural Property Relief (“APR”).

We can advise on the requirements for qualifying for Agricultural Property Relief (APR) and the best arrangement for including the farmhouse in that relief. However, diversification (such as renting out farm buildings or land for non-agricultural purposes) may mean APR is lost. In this case we need to look at whether Business Property Relief is available instead.

Farmers also tend to have family issues, such as wanting one child to have a viable farm but wanting to be fair to the other children. They may also have made transfers of land to a child who is involved with the farm and are wondering how to even this up with the other children. Tax issues also come into play here.

Family Issues

Dealing with a farm on divorce can be complicated, often due to the fact that it may have been in the same family for generations.

On divorce, the courts are able to transfer or sell land, distribute business assets or transfer shares between the couple involved.

It would be rare for a court to order the sale of an entire farm. However, during a farming divorce, the courts have to ascertain the value of the assets and ensure that the departing spouse has received a fair outcome. In practice, this means trying to find a way to buy the departing spouse out of the farm.

Our specialist family law team can assist you with any issues relating to divorce where there a farming related assets involved. 

Basic Payment / Entitlements

We assist our clients with their Basic Payment and Stewardship obligations and how best to deal with these on a sale or purchase of land.

We work hard to ensure that appropriate safeguards are put in place to deal with environmental standards, cross compliance and greening obligations, as well as the transfer of Stewardship scheme obligations where relevant.

We work closely with local agricultural land agents, surveyors and accountants to ensure that our clients are advised on all aspects of their agricultural transaction, not just the black and white letter of the law. We recognise the importance of keeping up to date with our client’s lenders so that we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to any borrowing requirements that our clients may have.

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