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A premium HR and Employment Law service, based on a simple fixed annual fee, giving you unlimited access to our specialist Employment Solicitors and full control over your legal spend.

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Ensuring your organisation complies with the latest HR and employment rules is crucial. Getting it wrong can lead to significant financial and reputational consequences. With Myerson HR, you can confidently rely on the highest level of support and expertise delivered by our specialised HR and Employment lawyers. Our team is well-equipped to address a wide range of employment issues and processes, from everyday queries to complex matters, saving you time and providing you with peace of mind.

Included in the Myerson HR service:

Full HR health-check and audit

We will meet with you to review your existing HR documents, policies and procedures. We can then advise you on what you are doing well and what needs to be improved to ensure your business is fully compliant.

Comprehensive documentation for HR compliance

We will provide you with any key documents that you require to achieve a good standard of HR compliance. This can include new policies, letters or other employment-related documents that you require along the way, as and when you need them.

Unlimited access to our full advisory HR and employment law helpline

We’re here for you whenever you need us. If you have an HR or employment law question, simply call us and speak to one of our dedicated and experienced lawyers who will be able to help you with straightforward and solution-driven advice. Whether your concern relates to maternity, grievance, redundancy, discrimination, performance issues, sickness absences, contractual changes, holiday entitlements, pay, terms and conditions, or disciplinaries, our fixed-fee service will help you deal with any operational HR issue you may encounter. If you need support with an employment claim or a more substantial HR project, we will map out for you the steps needed to achieve the best result and provide clear cost information for supporting you further.

Access to the Myerson HR Portal

Our Myerson HR web portal is your one-stop shop for all the HR template documents that you might need. You can access a wide range of letters, agreements and documents which are kept up to date as and when the law or best practice change. You will also find a collection of useful guides, videos, checklists and FAQs on how to deal with certain employment issues, as well as the latest HR legal news you should be aware of.

Regular check-ins with your dedicated employment lawyer

You will be invited to scheduled catch-ups with our legal team, ensuring continuous alignment with your business goals and priorities. This proactive approach allows us to consistently deliver a personalised service tailored to your evolving needs.

Priority access to employment training, seminars and events

You will have priority access to our popular employment law workshops, seminars and webinars where we bring you up to speed with the latest legal developments, discuss hot topics and offer practical tips and advice.

Myerson HR Employment newsletter

We’ll send you regular newsflash updates as well as more detailed newsletters to ensure that you never miss key HR and employment law developments.

Myerson HR Add-ons

Insurance protection

Employment law claims, legal expenses and tribunal awards can be extremely costly. Insurance protection can take those pressures away from you. It can cover legal expenses and compensation, and it's completely customisable, so you receive the best protection where you value it the most, with the option of significantly reduced premiums.

You'll continue to receive our expert advice and service throughout any claim, with peace of mind of insurance cover*. If restrictive covenant protection is important to you, we can also arrange cover for enforcement costs*. (*terms and conditions apply)

HR Management software

Our HR software solution offers all the tools you and your business need to manage your HR operations effectively. Designed to significantly reduce time spent on HR administration, our cloud-based software solution is fully supported, safe and secure, giving you an efficient system for managing employee records, holidays, sickness – and many other HR processes.

Bespoke HR training

Our lawyers can design and deliver bespoke training to you, your team or your employees on a wide range of HR and employment law issues.

On-site HR support

If you need extra help to manage a tricky issue you have not dealt with before, or if you do not have sufficient resource, our recommended HR professionals are available to come into your business to deal with the matter in hand, alleviating the pressure on you and your team.

Why choose Myerson HR

  • Embrace first class expertise and cost transparency with our 12-month fixed-fee subscription. We provide direct expert legal advice without binding you to extended contracts.
  • Our premium service is delivered by SRA-regulated Employment Solicitors and Lawyers. Not only does this guarantee that you receive the highest level of legal expertise, but also that our team is authorised to perform "reserved legal activities" that HR consultants cannot. In the event of legal proceedings, our expertise extends to providing tribunal and court representation.
  • We have a practical understanding of employee-employer relationships, backed by decades of hands-on experience acting for both employers and employees. Our straightforward approach allows us to offer effective and realistic solutions.
  • As a Top 200 UK law firm, our expertise extends beyond employment matters. Should your legal needs evolve into areas such as company law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, IP, data protection or commercial law, rest assured that we have in-house expertise to seamlessly support you all the way.
  • You can rely on Myerson’s sector-specific expertise across a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, technology, life sciences, banking, manufacturing, financial services, professional services, hospitality & leisure, and charities.
  • We provide a solicitor as a dedicated direct point of contact for your organisation. We take the time to understand your unique HR needs, ensuring a tailored and attentive approach to support your business every step of the way.

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Myerson HR is designed to suit businesses of all sizes — whether you operate without an internal HR function, manage a small and busy HR team, or oversee a larger in-house HR department. Acknowledging the universal need for HR support, our lawyers are here to offer legal guidance, guarantee the appropriateness and compliance of your HR policies, and provide assistance with any HR concerns throughout the year. Offering a complete control over your HR budget, Myerson HR is an ideal solution for businesses of every scale.

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Home-grown or recruited from national, regional or City firms, our genuinely friendly and accessible employment lawyers are experts in their fields and respected by their peers. We are proud to have been recognised as the “Employment Team of the Year” at the prestigious Manchester Legal Awards 2024.

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