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Depending on the way in which they have been engaged and how they have worked, they may be employees, with associated employment rights.

Alternatively, they may be “workers”. This is a status between employment and self-employment and has various associated rights, for example, not to have deductions made from pay, to be included in pension auto-enrolment arrangements and not to be discriminated against.

The rights of workers, as compared to employees, are summarised in the table that can be found here (PDF).

The recent Supreme Court decision of Clyde & Co LLP v Bates van Winkelhof confirmed that most LLP members will be workers and we regularly advise on the impact of this decision on LLPs.

We also provide strategic advice on how to achieve the exit of a partner or LLP member on the best possible terms.

This includes the tactics of negotiation and consideration of non-financial aspects (in addition to financial terms) including timing, dealing with capital and tax reserve accounts, announcements, references and outplacement support.

Our Approach

We are aware that clarity on costs is vitally important to our clients. As standard practice, we give our clients an estimate of the costs involved in undertaking any piece of work at the outset. We then provide cost updates on a your case on a regular basis.

We also work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their expectations both in terms of their objectives for a particular piece of work and in relation to costs. In addition, we are happy to discuss fixed fees and retainer arrangements and agreements if that is helpful to you.

Finally, your work is carried out by a solicitor in the team, who knows your business best. It is also carried out at the appropriate level, depending on the complexity, sensitivity and importance of the matter.

Please click here for details of our cost for this service.

Our Experience

Recent examples of work in this area include:

  • Acting for full equity and fixed share members of a major international law firm in connection with their departures, including negotiating terms and advising on all aspects of their departures
  • Advising on the best way of dealing with the departure of a group of partners from a large law firm to join a competing business (team move)
  • Assisting various fixed share members of various top 20 law firms in relation to the termination of their LLP memberships
  • Advising various major employers on worker status and its impact on their workforces, including dealing with holiday pay, disciplining and removing workers and the auto-enrolment of workers

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Joanne Evans

Joanne Evans

Jo is a Partner and Head of our Employment department

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Joanne Henderson

Jo is a Partner in both our Employment and Compliance departments

Charlotte Gilbert

Charlotte Gilbert

Charlotte is the Head of Myerson HR and a Senior Solicitor in our Employment department

Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne

Patrick is a Solicitor in our Employment department

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Jordan Buckle

Jordan is a Solicitor in our Employment department

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Vicki Fagan

Vicki is a Solicitor in our Employment Department.