How to Find a Will

Wills Solicitors

Wills are incredibly important documents and without one there are many potential legal implications.

Wills contain not only information about potential inheritance details but they also provide information regarding last wishes such as funeral arrangements.

In certain circumstances a will can be disputed due to several different reasons such as lack of mental capacity or undue influence. In this situation the executor must posses the will in question to be able to dispute the issues noted above.

If you are attempting to find a will there are options that can potentially save you time and hassle.

The Home

The majority of people keep their wills in their homes. Obviously finding a will inside someone’s home can be a tricky task, especially if they have not properly organised their documentation. We would always advise that you thoroughly search the house as there is a high chance that the will in question could be found.

Their Solicitor

It is common for people to have a solicitor assist them with their will. This can include the writing process but also enforcing the wishes of the will after death. If you aware of the person in questions solicitor it is worth contacting them to see if they have the will or any documentation surrounding a will. It is common for solicitors to have either an original or a copy of a clients will.

Their Bank

In some situations the will in question could be potentially held with the deceased’s bank. If you know of the deceased’s bank then we would advise that you contact them and enquire about the possession of the will.

*All of the above options will require proof of death in the form of a medical or death certificate. You will also need to prove that you are the named executor in the will*

Search Online

There are options to find wills via online services. Below we have detailed some of the popular sites for finding wills.

The National Will Register

The national will register provides three search options to find wills. These options will vary depending on some of the documentation that you posses.

Government Will Search

The UK government provides a will searching service that also includes ‘grant of representation’ so that if you are seeking probate you can deal with the estate of the deceased.

When you have found the will

Our specialist solicitors have experience in all areas of wills and probate ranging from writing to contesting wills. This experience allows us to assist individuals with all issues than can arise and provide positive outcomes for the client.

Alternatively you can contact us via the enquiry box found on the right of this page and we will contact you at a time convenient with yourself.

How We Can Help

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