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Our experienced team write Wills for many different clients.

Clients come to us for Wills for all sorts of reasons. Some of them have substantial estates and need tax efficient Wills, or they are concerned that their assets should remain within the family.  Other clients have smaller estates and are worried about the impact of care fees. Some clients are not concerned about financial issues but have complex family arrangements. One thing that all clients have in common is that they want to have their affairs in order.

We will give you clear and practical advice about your options. Not only do we draft Wills, but we also administer estates and trusts when people have died.  Accordingly, we know how things work in practice.

We do not expect our clients to have knowledge of Inheritance Tax or the laws relating to the administration of estates; that’s our job.  We also make it our job to ensure our clients fully understand the implications of their Wills, both in terms of tax and within the family. We use plain English Wills and will talk them through with you in detail before you sign.

Examples of our recent work include:

  • Wills for a couple about to get married, both of whom had been widowed, including making arrangements for their children and ensuring that they used the Inheritance Tax thresholds which they had each inherited from their deceased spouses.
  • Wills for a farming family including providing for future gifts to their children to be taken into account.
  • Wills for a couple who had moved to Canada, including advising them on domicile issues.
  • A Will for a gentleman whose young daughter lived with his former partner, including a trust for the daughter.
  • Wills for a couple leaving their estates in trusts for their children to protect those assets in case the children got divorced.
  • Wills leaving each spouse’s share in the matrimonial home to a trust to protect it against care fees if the surviving spouse went into care.
  • A Will for a business owner, leaving his shares to a trust to preserve the benefits of Business Property Relief even if the business was sold after his death.

You may also like to complete our Will questionnaire which you can download here.

Why Choose Myerson Wills Solicitors:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do our fees work?

We understand that no two clients are the same and that everybody has different concerns.

We are able to offer a range of fee options because we do not believe that one size fits all.  We charge for time spent getting to know your situation, identifying your key concerns and our advice on the options available to you. Having said that, we appreciate that price is important to our clients and we will always try to deal with your matter in the most cost-efficient way.

If you would like to call our office for a preliminary discussion, we should be able to give you an outline estimate of potential fees at that time.

Do I really need to make a Will?

If you do not make a Will your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Rules. Whilst these may currently suit your situation, it is possible that the law will change before you die. In this case your estate may not be distributed as you would like. Therefore, it is always best to make a Will so you know that you have done all that you can to provide for your nearest and dearest upon your death. Our specialist Wills Solicitors can advise you on best practices for an estate of your size. There are a number of situations where making a Will is highly advisable including:

  • If you have children from another marriage
  • If you own property
  • If you have a family business or agricultural property
  • If your estate is likely to be subject to inheritance tax
  • If you have complicated family arrangements

If you have any concerns about your situation it is always best to seek legal advice.

Do I have to come into the office?

Our Wills Solicitors are very flexible when it comes to arranging meetings and consultations. We need to have a face-to-face meeting with our clients, both to check that the person who is giving us instructions is in fact the person making the Will, and to check for any mental capacity issues. However we can do this via Skype if it’s difficult for you to get into the office or, if you live within 5 miles of the office, we may be able to visit you at home.

Our Wills Service Areas:

How We Can Help

A member of our specialist team will be happy to help.

To discuss Wills issues, please either use the contact form on the right, email us at lawyers@myerson.co.uk or call us today on +44(0)161 941 4000 to speak to a member of our team.

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