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Measures resulting from EU legislation affect many areas of business and trade and all businesses are likely to be affected by Brexit, whether as a direct consequence of legal changes affecting them or as a result of the economic impact caused by it.

So what can businesses do to minimise the risks posed by Brexit and identify opportunities presented? The uncertainty caused by the Brexit negotiations is, in itself, a major risk and businesses should ensure that they stay well informed so that they have as much time as possible to plan and react to the course of negotiations. 

In addition to this, businesses should identify key commercial and legal risks and take appropriate actions to deal with them. We can help you and your business to identify legal risks that may affect you and your business as a consequence of Brexit, to prepare for the effects of Brexit and to take action to mitigate any negative impacts and plan for worst-case scenarios.

With change comes opportunity. Remaining informed of the impact of Brexit and how it affects the economy may give rise to opportunities – we can advise you and your business on how you may take advantage of such opportunities to your commercial benefit.

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Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

The Withdrawal Agreement was agreed between the United Kingdom's and European Commissions's negotiators on 14 November 2018, potentially bringing to an end the withdrawal negotiations.

This newsletter seeks to explain the key parts of the Withdrawal Agreement and their practical relevance to UK businesses.

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Newsletter