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Often, immediate action is the only effective response to protect your financial interests.

If you are concerned that your spouse is hiding assets or is transferring assets to a third party, it is important to obtain urgent legal advice to protect your interests.

Emergency financial applications can include:

  • Interim maintenance to assist you in meeting your immediate financial needs, pending the conclusion of court proceedings;
  • Taking urgent steps to ascertain and locate assets;
  • Applying for orders to freeze assets or to prevent a sale or removal of assets;
  • Applying for search orders to preserve property or evidence;
  • Applying for legal services orders for payment of legal fees to fund litigation;
  • Applying to join a third party to the case, if assets have been transferred to that third party;
  • Enforcement of financial orders in the event of a default
  • Variation applications in the event you cannot afford to comply with a court order.

Our Experience

We regularly act for or against those with complex financial backgrounds. We have a proven track record of acting swiftly to protect your financial interests.

We can also act for third parties who have been joined as parties to proceedings, due to their involvement with the assets in question.

Case Example 1

In this case, our family law solicitors were acting on behalf of the wife in relation to divorce. The case also involved contested children and financial remedy proceedings. Our experienced solicitors executed urgent applications for interim maintenance, a legal services order and injunctions to prevent the disposal of assets.

Case Example 2

In this example, our family law solicitors worked closely with our internal commercial property team. The husband was evasive in his financial disclosure. However, both teams of solicitors worked together to locate a substantial commercial property portfolio, disposed of by the husband to third parties and into offshore companies. The case settled at FDR with the wife securing a settlement three times more than the husband's initial offer.

Case Example 3

On this occasion, our family law solicitors were acting for the wife who was joint owner of a large property development portfolio. This case involved contested financial remedy proceedings in the High Court worth £25 million.

The husband sought to dispose of properties during litigation and failed initially to engage in negotiations. Our experienced family law solicitors obtained a freezing order against the husband's bank account, to preserve the net proceeds of sale worth several millions of pounds. Our solicitors also secured a legal services order in the wife's favour.

The husband acted as a litigant in person and breached several orders for disclosure, which resulted in our family law solicitors applying for the husband's committal to prison. At the final hearing, the wife was awarded a multi-million-pound settlement.


Meet Our Specialists

Home-grown or recruited from national, regional or City firms. Our specialists are experts in their fields and respected by their peers.

Jane Tenquist

Jane Tenquist

Jane is a Partner and Head of the Family Law Team

Nichola Bright

Nichola Bright

Nichola is a Senior Associate in our Family Law Team

Sarah Whitelegge

Sarah Whitelegge

Sarah is a Senior Associate in our Family Law Team

Rachel Forster

Rachel Forster

Rachel is a Solicitor in our Family Law Team

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