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If you or your child are a victim of domestic abuse or you are concerned for your safety, or the safety and wellbeing of your children, we can take fast and effective legal steps to protect you.

Domestic abuse is not always physical violence. It can include:

  • Coercive control
  • Economic abuse
  • Online abuse
  • Threats and intimidation
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse


Types of Injunctions

There are two types of protective orders available namely non-molestation orders and occupation orders.

Non-molestation orders

A non-molestation order prohibits a person associated with the applicant from molesting them or a relevant child. Non-molestation orders are used to protect a party from violence, harassment, and threats.

Occupation orders

An occupation order grants the applicant the right to occupy a dwelling house. The court can decide who should or should not reside in all or part of the home and occupation orders can also exclude the other person from an area around the home.

Our family law solicitors can assist with applications for non-molestation orders and occupation orders to protect someone from violence, harassment, or threats. The person applying for the non-molestation order and occupation order must be associated with the other person and we can advise in respect of this.

If you need immediate protection non-molestation orders and occupation orders can be applied for on an urgent basis. You can make an application ‘without notice’ to the other person. This means that you do not have to tell the person that you want protection from that you are applying, and the court will list a hearing without notice to the other person. When the order is made the other person will need to be informed.

We have also been successful in representing those against whom allegations of domestic abuse have been made. If someone has made allegations of abuse against you, we have the expertise to advise and represent you through the proceedings.

Unfortunately, we do not offer legal as we do not have a legal aid contract. You can search for a legal adviser with a legal aid contract in England and Wales here - Find a legal aid adviser or family mediator (justice.gov.uk)

If you are in immediate danger of being abused or have been abused, contact the police.

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Jane Tenquist

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