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Unlocking Potential through Collaboration Agreements

Understanding the landscape of business, we acknowledge how fruitful collaborations with other businesses can stimulate innovation and yield remarkable results. Collaboration Agreements serve as a powerful tool to maximise potential opportunities for your business while safeguarding against the uncertainties of new partnerships.

Our seasoned commercial experts can guide you through potential risks and provide advice on the multitude of issues that could arise during the process of business collaborations.

Safeguarding Business Interests through Collaboration Agreements

Entering into a collaboration can seem daunting, but you can rest assured that our specialists will work tirelessly to protect your business's confidential information and intellectual property rights.

Through our Collaboration Agreements services, we ensure that both parties fulfil their commitments and that your business interests remain secure throughout the collaboration.

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Expertise in Collaboration Agreements Matters

We specialise in a variety of areas related to Collaboration Agreements, including:

  • Safeguarding intellectual property rights
  • Managing confidential information disclosure
  • Licensing intellectual property rights and managing royalties
  • Establishing suitable corporate structures
  • Creating terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services

Key Components of Collaboration Agreements

We offer advice on a broad range of aspects that should be addressed in a Collaboration Agreement, such as:

  • Product specifications, deliverables, and service or product warranties
  • Ownership and transfers of intellectual property rights
  • Consequences of non-performance
  • Revenue sharing and commission structures
  • Contract duration, termination rights, and limitations on liability

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Industry-Specific Experience with Collaboration Agreements

Our commercial solicitors possess a wealth of experience in dealing with collaboration agreements in a range of sectors.

  • Technology, Research and Design. Our commercial team have drafted collaboration agreements for a variety of technology companies engaging with individuals, Universities and service providers within and outside of their sector. 
    • We have assisted in drafting agreements for the collaboration on research into the use of waste products and the subsequent development of machines to recycle such waste products into biofuels and other products. 
    • We have advised a product manufacturer on the terms of an undergraduate secondment agreement for an R&D project. 
    • We have assisted software and service providers in the development and delivery of platforms, cloud services and software applications.  Our expertise in the technology sector enables us to prepare agreements that reflect the market our clients operate within. 
  • Life Sciences.  Our commercial team have assisted a variety of companies operating within the Life Sciences sector with their collaborative innovations and services, including:
    • assisting a scientific analytical company on the acquisition of laboratory facilities,
    • advising a PPE business on going to market, putting in place shareholder protection, and ensuring that intellectual property licences are in place.
  • Our commercial team provide ongoing advice and assistance to product manufacturers who have a need to collaborate with third parties to develop products, including via Toll Manufacturing. 

With our rich experience and a keen understanding of the specifics of your sector, we stand ready to optimise your business collaborations. Contact us today for expert advice on Collaboration Agreements.

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  • We have been ranked as a Top Tier law firm by the Legal 500 for the last seven years and recognised as a Top 200 Law Firm in 2022.
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  • We have a large and proactive commercial team which can meet your deadlines.
  • We understand that each matter is unique to your circumstances and that you need support from a commercial lawyer experienced in dealing with various clients and types of work.
  • We are a full-service law firm operating from a one-site office, which means our teams communicate effectively and efficiently. Our commercial team often assists with commercial property and IT / Technology matters.
  • Our commercial team use the latest technology to ensure that we are working as efficiently as possible, and that geographical distance does not prevent us from providing excellent legal advice and client service.
  • Our commercial lawyers were the winners of ‘Corporate Commercial Team of the Year 2021’ at the Manchester Legal Awards.
  • Look at the Myerson Promise for further benefits of working with us here.

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Our Costs

We will provide you with a flexible menu of fee options rooted in our promise of complete transparency over our charges. We assess the value of each project, task, or advice based on its commercial value to you and then provide you with fee options scoped against the type of service and advice you require.

Fee options can include, where appropriate, fixed fees, a retainer, hourly or day rates, or a blend of such options.

We provide you with regular cost updates and will not incur any additional charges without your agreement.

To find out more about the services we can provide, including our retainer service, please give us a call.

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