As the political wrangling continues about what flavour of Brexit is the UK’s favourite, you could be forgiven for thinking that no progress is being made in relation to the UK’s exit from the European Union.

In fact, since the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 received royal assent on 26 June 2018 the government has been quietly drafting a raft of statutory instruments (SIs) in order to provide legal certainty by converting EU law into UK legislation at the point of exit. Most of the SIs that have been published to date are in the process of being approved under parliamentary procedures and many more are still expected.

The SIs are expected to cover a vast range of topics and those produced to date include such diverse subject matters as Medicines and Healthcare Products, Computer Reservation Systems, Financial Regulators’ Powers and Feed-in Tariffs and Contracts for Difference.

In general, the aim of the SIs is to amend existing legislation so as to preserve the status quo, however anyone who will be particularly affected by any of the legislation amended under the SIs would be well advised to ensure they are aware of the changes being made.

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