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Considerations for buying rural properties

Buying rural, or semi-rural, properties has many obvious advantages: beautiful views, idyllic country walks and a break from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.  But what do you need to think about before you make your escape to the country? 

Our Residential Property Team take you through some key considerations when buying a rural property:


Most roads in the UK are adopted, meaning that they are maintained by the Local Authority. In rural locations, properties are often served by unadopted roads, which are usually maintained by those who use them (e.g. neighbouring properties) and need a specific right to be granted in the property's title deeds to pass over them with vehicles or on foot. 


It may be that the property has a septic tank rather than a main sewerage connection. Septic tanks need regular maintenance and can sometimes be shared by multiple properties.  In addition, they need to be registered with the Environment Agency. Again, suitable rights to use the tank need to be considered, particularly if the tank is located on neighbouring land outside your boundary.

Local area

Is the property in a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty? If so, this may restrict any extensions or alterations you have in mind for the future. You should also consider whether any open land in the area has the potential to be developed and consider whether this could affect your use and enjoyment of your property. 

Public Footpaths

You should also check whether there are any public footpaths or bridleways which cross the land you are buying, as you must ensure that these remain open and unobstructed. The public can exercise their ‘right to roam’ over any land where such paths exist. 

Buying a rural property comes with its own quirks and considerations. At Myerson, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke, high-quality service which is tailored to fit your needs. We are accredited by the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme which means you can rest assured that your matter is in safe hands.

Should you wish to speak with a member of our conveyancing team regarding the purchase of a rural property. please call 0808 169 9072 and ask to speak to a member of the Residential Property team, or email lawyers@myerson.co.uk