If you have separated or are in the process of separating, we understand that one of the hardest things is not seeing your child every day.

What to do if your ex will not let you see your child 

If it is not possible to reach an agreement with the other parent about the time your child spends with you, then you may want to consider mediation.

Mediation works by helping parents who have decided to separate to talk things through. Mediators are trained to help you discuss and agree on the best arrangements for the future. 

Mediation helps you make informed decisions that are right for your circumstances and helps children by helping their parents to work together to plan for their future.

If you cannot reach an agreement at mediation, you may want to consider applying to the family court for a child arrangement order. 

Are you prevented from seeing your children

What is a child arrangements order?

A child arrangement order is an order that regulates the arrangements for a child that relate to any of the following: 

  • With whom the child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact
  • When the child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact with any person

Contact simply means the time that a child spends with an adult. There are several ways that contact may take place:

  • Direct contact
  • Overnight staying contact
  • Supervised contact
  • Indirect contact 

In deciding whether to make an order, the court’s paramount consideration is the child’s welfare

The court must presume unless the contrary is shown, that the involvement of each parent (of some direct or indirect kind but not any particular division of the child’s time) in the life of the child concerned will further the child’s welfare. 

Do I have to pay maintenance if I do not see my child?

Regardless of whether you spend time with your child, you will still have an obligation to support them

Child support is assessed based on a percentage of the non-resident parent’s income, depending on the number of children they have to support.

There is a reduction of 1/7 for each night per week, averaged over a year that the child stays with the paying parent, and there is a reduction applied if the paying parent has any other children in their own household or if they are paying child support to more than one parent. 

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