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What is a Trademark? 

A trademark is a symbol, word or words used by a trader to distinguish its products or services from its competitors.  A trademark can be a brand name, a company logo, a trading style or even distinctive packaging. It can also consist of the shapes of products such as a bottle as well as slogans and straplines.

It is possible for trademark owners to apply for Community Trademarks (CTMs) and/or a UK trademark and this gives the trademark owner the exclusive use of the trademark.  A trademark which is registered in the UK is only enforceable in the UK, whereas a CTM is enforceable throughout the EU. Both registrations last for ten years, but are renewable for further ten-year periods.  It is alsBreo possible to register trademarks throughout the world, although it is advisable to initially register them in the countries where the particular goods or services are to be sold or provided.

To be registrable, a trade mark must be:

  • Distinctive;
  • Capable of being represented graphically;
  • Capable of distinguishing goods or services; and
  • Not excluded by statute.

What is Trademark Infringement?

The Trade Marks Act 1994 sets out the various circumstances under which someone will be liable for trademark infringement. These are when the infringer:

  • Uses an identical sign and identical goods;
  • Uses an identical sign, similar goods and there is a likelihood of confusion;
  • Uses a similar sign, identical or similar goods and there is a likelihood of confusion; and/or
  • Uses an identical or similar sign, the sign has a reputation in the UK and the use of the sign takes unfair advantage of or is detrimental to the character of reputation of the trade mark.

What Remedies are Available for Trademark Infringement? 

If a claim for trademark infringement is successful, the claimant may seek the following remedies:

  • An injunction preventing the defendant from using the trademark without permission in the future;
  • Delivery up and/or disposal of the goods complained of;
  • Damages; and
  • Costs

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Our Approach

Trademark claims are often technical and complex and require specialist advice. In our first discussion with you, we will outline all the potential options and strategies available. 

In many cases, the remedies for trademark claims involve a range of outcomes such as injunctions, damages and costs. Whatever the desired outcome we will always make sure that you are confident and informed of the advice we are providing. 

Our award-winning legal team will stand by your side throughout the process.

Our Experience

Breach of Trademark Claims

We act for a New York based pastry house which invented the CRONUTS products which are sold worldwide.  We represent our client’s interests in the UK and Europe and are retained to enforce the client’s international trade mark.  Our work requires us to trace and stop manufacturers and generally assist the client in policing its IP rights on a day to day basis. 

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Carla Murray

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Vicky Biggs

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