Netflix's Bank of Dave: Who Was the Real Lawyer in Bank of Dave?

Netflixs Bank of Dave Who Was the Real Lawyer in Bank of Dave

Netflix's latest movie offering, 'Bank of Dave,' takes viewers on a captivating journey inspired by the remarkable partnership between Corporate Partner Chris Moss from Myerson Solicitors and his client, Dave Fishwick. This intriguing film, now available for streaming, combines elements of reality and fiction to create a truly unique viewing experience.

'Bank of Dave' draws inspiration from the extraordinary relationship between Chris Moss and Dave Fishwick, which serves as the basis for the character portrayed by Rory Kinnear. The story revolves around Dave's relentless pursuit of establishing a community bank in Burnley to uplift his local community. Joel Fry, known for his role in Game of Thrones, skilfully portrays the lawyer hired by Dave to challenge the British banking system.

While the film presents a fictional narrative, it draws upon authentic events and locations. Audiences can expect an authentic and heart-warming portrayal of British resilience, earning 'Bank of Dave' praise from the Lancashire Telegraph as "the next feel-good British movie of the decade." To honour this special release, Chris Moss attended an exclusive screening of 'Bank of Dave' on Sunday, January 15th.

We asked Chris what it was like, as the ‘real’ lawyer on the project working with Dave:

“I have been working with Dave for over 11 years, and when he first spoke to me about starting a community bank, I knew only Dave could be the person to make that happen with a little help. He is full of determination and passionate about supporting his local community, and he was portrayed very accurately by Rory Kinnear. I understand Dave worked very closely with the cast and had a great time building the script and making the film happen. I took my wife to the premiere, and we had a great time watching the film for the first time. She, of course, knew the love interest in the film, Phoebe Dynevor's character Alexandra, was, of course, fictional, but the story itself is accurate in how Dave managed to build his own community lender. Dave has fantastic ideas and huge drive, and he continues as a client, so watch this space.”

Directed by Chris Foggin, renowned for his work on Death in Paradise and Cold Feet, the film delivers a captivating and immersive storytelling experience. The script, written by Piers Ashworth (known for 'Save The Cinema' and 'Blithe Spirit'), adds depth and authenticity to the story.

'Bank of Dave' is now available for streaming on Netflix and has quickly gained popularity, securing a spot among the Top 10 movie upon its release. Everyone at Myerson can highly recommend the movie and invite viewers to dive into the captivating and uplifting tale, inspired by our very own real-life lawyer. Explore the intricacies of the story and uncover what fate awaits the lawyer character in 'Bank of Dave.'

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