Will Divorce Affect My Social Life? 

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Though divorce may not carry the same stigma as it once did, divorce has widespread implications, not just financial ones. Divorce is rarely consensual. In most cases, one party decides to leave the marriage well before the other party has been informed that the marriage is over. That person often feels bereft; their life as they once knew it is over. Not only do they have to come to terms with the fact they cannot see their children every day, but they also face the prospect of becoming 50% poorer and losing friends and extended family.

The stress of divorce, the loneliness of doing things on your own after having been part of a couple for so long, and the worrying prospect of facing mounting bills and being anxious about how the children will cope cause many sleepless nights. 

Social life after divorce

Couples usually have a whole life built around them, especially if they have been together for a long time. There will be joint friendships and shared interests. Those activities that attracted you as part of a couple may seem difficult to participate in post-separation. The dramatic change in the social and financial situation can lead to anxiety and depression.

Divorce not only changes the social dynamic for the couple and their children but also impacts their wider family. Grandparents often do not see their grandchildren as much post-separation. 

The separation will usually lead to a reduction in income. The spouse who has not worked outside the home during the marriage may feel under enormous strain to find a job urgently whilst worrying about how to juggle this with childcare commitments. 

Will Divorce Affect My Social Life

Managing finances after divorce

Some face immediate financial worries. They have no access to money and cannot afford to pay bills.

In some circumstances, a separated spouse in financial need can apply for a spousal maintenance order from the court and an order that their spouse pays for their legal fees. Sometimes, separating spouses may have to apply for a litigation loan to assist them in pursuing legal proceedings against their ex to secure a fair financial outcome.

Friendships can also suffer after a divorce. Relationships with other couples can become strained if, for example, they are siding with one-half of the separated couple. If friendships break down, this may leave a spouse feeling vulnerable, isolated, and alone.  

Many people going through a breakup need time to heal with the assistance of counselling and/ or medication. If you are struggling emotionally with the impact of divorce, it is important for you to seek professional therapeutic help. At Myerson, we have close links with several trusted therapists who can help you navigate this difficult period in your life. 

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