A Guide for Principals: Valuing Claims Under Commercial Agents Regulations Webinar


A Guide For Principals: Valuing Claims Under Commercial Agents Regulations Webinar

Do you employ a commercial agent? Are you aware of your business's potential exposure upon a sales agent's termination? If so, you can now re-watch our online webinar with Partner, Suzanne Carr and Associate, Robert Brothers.

There are well-established laws in the UK that give commercial agents certain rights during the agency and on termination. These rights are written into UK law and significantly impact principals in terms of the operation of their business.

This webinar will explore how agents’ claims are valued under the Commercial Agents Regulations following the termination of an agency and will enable principals to understand their potential exposure if an agent is terminated.

The webinar for principals webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. An agent’s entitlements following termination.
  2. Indemnity v Compensation.
  3. Liability to sub-agents.
  4. Pipeline commissions.
  5. A practical guide to valuing an agency claim.
  6. Low-earning agencies

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