Myerson Solicitors are proud to have supported the highly anticipated re-opening of the Stolen Lamb restaurant in the heart of Wilmslow.

Myerson’s expert Real Estate team, led by Associate Sarah McNair, supported client George Hadjiyiannis in securing a commercial lease for the restaurant. After leaving their old property in 2016, The Stolen Lamb has been looking for a place to call home.

They are excited to have now secured the perfect location with a stunning open kitchen, terrace and a private dining room, which will be named ‘The Bandits Hideout’.

The Stolen Lamb team are looking forward to bringing the flavours of Greece to their hometown of Wilmslow, preparing dishes in their purpose-built, authentic, wood oven. Their namesake dish, Kleftiko Arni (which translates to stolen lamb) is a delight to the senses, cooked using traditional techniques passed down through the ages.

The restaurant is looking forward to bringing patrons ‘a taste of traditional Greece cooked with raw passion’.

Sarah McNair, Associate and lead lawyer for Mr Hadjiyiannis, said:

‘Myerson Solicitors is dedicated to backing the local community; we take pride in supporting the launch of nearby restaurants and businesses. Our expert Real Estate team has a wealth of experience in securing commercial property leases for restaurants and bars across the Cheshire triangle and beyond. It brings us great pride to further extend our support to George and The Stolen Lamb team as they embark on their exciting venture in Wilmslow.'

Stolen Lamb are looking forward to opening their doors in spring 2024, serving their delicious menu of authentically Greek cuisine to patrons in Cheshire.

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