Myerson Solicitors has recently assisted a Manchester-based start-up, H2Origin, in designing and developing the contract which will establish the structure of its key partner relationships. With the help of Myerson’s Commercial Team, H2Origin has finalised an equitable contract model that is a key selling point.

H2Origin, founded in 2022, is on a mission to reduce single-use plastic waste. With an ever-increasing focus on wellbeing and sustainability, more of us are carrying refillable water bottles, but the infrastructure to support refilling is still lagging way behind.  H2Origin’s water vending kiosks triple filter and chill water, providing a premium, and sustainable alternative to buying chilled bottled water.

H2Origin Refills

Dominic, from H2Origin said:

‘H2Origin Ltd has a simple, but hugely important mission – To reduce the colossal environmental impact of imported bottled water by bringing chilled, filtered H20 originating from sources across the UK directly to your refillable water bottles. An early priority for the business was to develop a managed service contract model which facilitated the installation of our water vending kiosks in high footfall locations, such as visitor attractions, shopping centres, universities and work hubs.

Carefully working through the key objectives with the Myerson’s Commercial team, we've arrived at a clear and equitable contract model which is a key selling point as we gain traction in the market. As a client, I found the process well considered, efficient and excellent value - just what's needed for a start-up!’

As the concept of refilling and reuse become mainstream, H2Origin views its innovative commercial approach as being one of the fundamental strengths of its proposition, building interest and engagement with Building and Facilities teams committed to improving hydration facilities and reducing plastic waste as part of ESG strategies.

 Myerson's Commercial Lawyers

Richard Meehan, a Senior Associate in Myerson’s Commercial Team, stated:

‘H2Origin approached Myerson with the objective of developing a suitable form of model agreement for use between H2Origin and its clients, the owners of the properties at which its water dispensing vending units will be installed.  We have supported H2Origin with the assessment of potential alternative contracting models, identifying and analysing legal risks associated with the proposed operations, and the preparation of model contract documentation. 

I was delighted to have the opportunity to support Dominic with this innovative new business, particular since its environmentally sustainable ambitions align with Myerson’s own ESG objectives.  From a personal perspective, having worked on a range of concession/ vending machine agreements over the years, but predominantly from the perspective of the property owner rather than the operator of the machines, it has been good to use my prior experience to provide practical commercial insight into the arrangements, which has influenced the drafting of the model document.’

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