Webinar: How to manage your team remotely

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Webinar - How to manage your team remotely, including having difficult discussions through a screen

Myerson Solicitors partnered with The Better People to bring you a FREE online series of must-watch events.

The pandemic has resulted in a fresh set of challenges whilst working remotely and now, with 60% of the people working from home, it is important to consider, as a leader, ways we can manage and motivate our people effectively. 

Watch this useful video with host Joanne Evans and Jayne Marks, The Better People, as they take you through some quick and useful tips, including:

  • What are the challenges of communicating in the virtual setting?
  • Communication skills for better virtual engagement.
  • How to handle challenging conversations effectively when working remotely.
  • Practical tips and techniques.

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Webinar - How to manage your team remotely