If a tenant fails to pay their service charge then this can have a huge effect on the landlord or management company, particularly if they have already incurred the costs. Therefore, it is important to take action quickly if there are arrears.

If a tenant fails to pay their service charges then the landlord or management company could:

  1. Obtain a Judgment against the tenant and enforce it in the normal way; or
  2. Seek to forfeit the lease and repossess the property.

To forfeit the lease and recover possession of the property, there must be arrears of more than £350 or the arrears must have been outstanding for more than 3 years.

Prior to the landlord serving a Section 146 Notice, they must do the following:

  1. check whether the tenant has agreed that the arrears are outstanding or a breach of the lease has occurred;
  2. if the tenant has not agreed the arrears or that there has been a breach of the lease, make an application to the Tribunal for a determination that the breach has occurred and where it relates to arrears that the sum is payable and reasonable;
  3. allow 14 days after the determination is final in case an appeal is made; and
  4. if the breach has not been resolved and either the tenant agrees the breach or the Tribunal has determined there is a breach, serve a Section 146 Notice and obtain an Order from the Court.

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