The Perimeter: Do I Need To Be Authorised? A Few Common Pressure Points.

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Key Discussion Points:

Bank of Mum and Dad/Friends and Family Loans: Discover the potential pitfalls of secured and unsecured loans, especially those secured on property. Gain clarity on credit considerations and regulated mortgage business regulations to avoid unintended complications.

Introducers and Financial Services Opportunities: Explore the aftermath of recent case law and unravel the nuances of 'arranging deals' and 'making arrangements with a view to' transactions in specified investments. Stay informed about regulatory thresholds to keep your introductions compliant.

Raising Business Funds and Financial Promotion: Uncover the intricacies of prospectus requirements when raising funds for a business venture. Explore common exemptions, best practices for financial promotion, and learn how to effectively communicate within the boundaries of the regulations.

FCA Rules & The Perimeter: Do I Need To Be Authorised?