Altrincham Football Club holds a special place in the hearts of local Altrincham residents and football enthusiasts alike.

Over the years, Altrincham FC has evolved, embracing a distinct playing style under the stewardship of manager Phil Parkinson.

Myerson Solicitors Q&A with Altrincham FC delves into the club's rich history, its football philosophy, recent accomplishments, and the vital role of hospitality in enhancing the overall fan experience.

We'll also explore the club's engagement with local businesses and its plans for the future, including expanding hospitality packages and partnerships through initiatives like the Altrincham FC Business Club.

Join us as we delve into the heart and soul of Altrincham Football Club.

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Can you tell us about the history and legacy of Altrincham Football Club and what it means to the local community?

The history of this club and the legacy left by the likes of Noel White, Jack Swindells, Tony Sanders and John King is massively important to anyone who follows Alty.

Jack Swindells is still revered to this day for his exceptional goalscoring exploits in the 1960s, while the public reaction to Tony Sanders gracing us with his presence against Southend United underlines the esteem in which he is still held for the way he brought cups and league titles to Moss Lane in the 70s and 80s.

Phil Parkinson has always been acutely aware of the tradition and history attached to this club and uses it as a motivation to take Altrincham back to the same heights.

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How would you describe the team's playing style and philosophy, and how has it evolved over time?

As long as Phil Parkinson is in charge at The J.Davidson Stadium, which we all hope will be for a long, long time to come, the football on show will be easy on the eye.

Phil is a great believer in keeping possession and building patiently, and those principles, allied with having players who are comfortable on the ball and able to move it around the pitch, have served him well in what has been a spectacularly successful reign so far.

It's not a bad combination to have if your team play attractive football and winning football.

Each manager has his own approach, but in recent times, Lee Sinnott was similarly an advocate of keeping possession and passing to feet.

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What are some of the biggest accomplishments and milestones that the team has achieved in recent years?

There have been some relatively lean spells in fairly recent times - even when Lee Sinnott steered us back to the National League a decade ago.

It was always likely our stay there would prove shortlived, as it duly did.

It's probably fair to say morale was at rock bottom when Phil took over shortly after a second successive relegation had been confirmed, and he and Neil Sorvel did brilliantly to turn things around so quickly and win promotion as Northern Premier League champions at the first attempt.

But probably his greatest achievement so far is the way he has changed everyone's perception of Altrincham in recent weeks and months.

Survival in the National League is no longer the be-all and end-all for us.

Other clubs are looking at us and saying, "You know what, they're a team to be reckoned with - they're up there in the play-off places on merit."

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Can you tell us about the role of hospitality in Altrincham Football Club and how it contributes to the overall fan experience?

We're very proud of what we offer as a club in terms of hospitality.

The sponsors' lounge is always busy on a match day, and that is down to the depth and variety of food, drink and entertainment we offer before, during and after the game.

As well, of course, as our friendly and welcoming service.

We obviously get a lot of sponsors coming into the lounge to enjoy an afternoon, but we also receive a large amount of our bookings from fans who really buy into all the various match day experiences we offer as a club.

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What types of hospitality packages do you offer for home games, and how do you ensure they meet the needs and expectations of different customer segments?

The community offer football day party packages for children, which involve a tour of the stadium, a game of football, party food and football mascots if there are any games on.

We offer football day packages in our dedicated and exclusive sponsors lounge - arrival from 1 pm, which includes a three-course lunch, tickets to watch the game, reserved seats, a pre-match talk from either manager Phil Parkinson or former players before kick-off, half time bar service, sweet treats and man of the match presentation and interview after the match has finished.

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How can local Altrincham businesses get involved with Altrincham Football Club? 

The short answer is many ways.

Obviously, sponsorship is the big one. Starting with individual player sponsorships all the way through to sponsor boards at the stadium, kit sponsorships, match sponsorships, and the works.

We're very proud of the relationships we have with all our partners and sponsors, and we're always on the lookout for more businesses to come on board.

Head to the club website to check out our many sponsorship options.

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How do you work with local businesses and suppliers to source food, beverages, and other amenities for the hospitality packages?

We are very keen and enthusiastic to use local suppliers, especially when it comes to butchers and greengrocers.

We want to ensure we are helping local and small businesses whenever we can, as we're a community-based club, and the local area is hugely important to us.

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How do you measure the success of your hospitality offerings and use customer feedback to improve the experience over time?

We have many repeat bookings which only speak for themselves.

On every match day, the sponsor's lounge is full to capacity, and any and all feedback we receive is discussed amongst the team.

It's very important to us to know if we can improve in any way so we can continue to offer a high calibre of service to all our valued customers.

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What are your future plans at Altrincham Football Club, such as expanding the packages, adding new amenities, or partnering with new businesses?

We are always keen to add to our existing packages, improved and exciting new menus, bringing in new match day experiences by expanding the lounge to make it a bigger and better space to allow more people to come along and enjoy our match day experiences.

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Can you tell us more about the Business Club and how local businesses can get involved? 

The Altrincham FC Business Club offers a range of benefits to local businesses – the main focus being our monthly networking events at the J.Davidson Stadium, which includes a tasty breakfast and special guest speakers.

This year alone, we've had famed Isle of Man TT racer Peter Hickman, European Rally Champion Chris Ingram, and Lancashire County Cricket chair Andy Anson come and speak to our members.

It's a relaxed atmosphere for the events, and they are thoroughly enjoyed by our members.

Head for the club website to find out more about The Altrincham FC Business Club.

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