Trainee Solicitor Programme at Myerson Solicitors

Applications for our Trainee Solicitor Programmes for 2023 and 2024 are now open

Trainee Solicitor Programme 2023/2024

Trainees at Myerson are provided with first-class training and the opportunity to work across a number of areas of law, learning from expert solicitors, renowned within their area and recognised as ‘Top Tier’ by the Legal 500.

Myerson Legal departments:

  • Construction
  • Corporate/Commercial
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Probate Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Residential Property
  • Wills, Trusts and Probate

Seat rotation

During your training programme, you will complete four training seats over your two years across different legal departments. You will be able to indicate your preferences and let us know which area of law you would like to include in your programme.

Throughout each seat, you will receive support in a friendly environment with a high level of partner and senior associate interaction. Myerson will help you gain a diverse set of experiences whilst learning and working with some of the most highly regarded solicitors and legal minds in the UK.

What we look for

The position would suit those with good academics and a real passion to join our ever-growing team. You will need to demonstrate some of the following skills throughout your assessment process: 

  • A genuine interest to work for Myerson Solicitors
  • High attention to detail 
  • Analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to manage client expectations
  • Strong communication skills - both verbal and written
  • Strong academic record
  • Enthusiasm and passion for your work
  • Ability to contribute to a team and work collaboratively

What can you expect from Myerson?

At Myerson, we pride ourselves on personal development, growth and learning. During your training programme, we will make sure you receive real responsibilities to develop your legal skills. You'll be able to learn from your colleagues, senior solicitors and partners - giving you a real insight and practical skills that you need to grow your career in law. Other benefits include: 

  • A friendly, supportive environment 
  • Great work/life balance 
  • A genuine focus on wellbeing
  • Competitive salary 
  • Smart working policy
  • Holiday benefits 
  • Cross-department experience
  • Team and firm social events

To Apply

If you are interested in applying for the Trainee Solicitor Programme and/or Summer Vacation Scheme click on the Apply Today button. You will be taken to our Formstack application; please complete the online form, attach your CV and sign the form. 

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Q&A with previous Myerson Trainee Solicitors

Joanna Colgan, Trainee Solicitor at Myerson Solicitors  Tom Evans Laura Pile

 Joanna Colgan - Solicitor

Tom Evans - Solicitor

Laura Pile - Partner

Joanna started her training contract in 2019 and studied Law at The University of Manchester.

Tom started his training contract in 2017 after studying Law at University. 

Laura has been with Myerson for 14 years since her training contract in 2007. 

Joanna's Interview

Tom's Interview

Laura's Interview

Application FAQs

We have collated our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from candidates.  If we have been unable to answer your question in the FAQs section, please do not hesitate to contact our In-House Recruiter James Birch at

What are the deadlines for applications to the Trainee Solicitor Programme and the Summer Vacation Scheme?

The closing date for applications to our Trainee Solicitor Programme is 1 July 2022. The deadline for applications to our Summer Vacation Scheme is 31 May 2022.

How many Trainee Solicitors do you recruit?

We typically recruit five Trainees per year.  In this recruitment year we are looking for Trainees to join our 2023 and 2024 programmes.

Do you prefer to recruit candidates with a law degree?

We recruit Trainees from a variety of backgrounds with a mix of both law and non-law degrees.  For those wishing to join us under the new SQE route, we would ask that you have a law degree or have completed a law conversion course.

Will you consider candidates opting for the SQE route rather than the LPC route?

Yes. We welcome applications from candidates who wish to study the SQE as well as those who are opting for the traditional LPC route.

The firm is currently finalising it’s plans for the introduction of our SQE programme. For those opting to study through the SQE route, we are working in partnership with BPP to offer a bespoke training programme which will put us at the very forefront of modern legal training and ensure that we are well placed to attract, train and retain top quality legal talent regardless of their chosen route to qualification. We will provide sponsorship to support trainees through the SQE examinations, preparation courses and an additional bespoke training programme to prepare them for qualification and life as a solicitor. 

Do you specify a preferred institution for the GDL/LPC/SQE?

At present, no, however we would recommend that you select an established institution with a strong reputation. In respect of candidates yet to start their SQE journey, please see the above answer in respect of our partnership with BPP.

Do you offer financial support for LPC fees and maintenance grants?

We do not currently contribute towards the cost of LPC fees or provide maintenance grants. However, as noted above, for those opting to study through the SQE route, we will provide sponsorship for trainees through the SQE exams, preparation courses and an additional bespoke training programme to prepare them for qualification.

Do I need to have previous work experience in a law firm to be considered?

No. We recruit Trainees who have a wide range of experience and do not require applicants to have previous experience working in a law firm.  We are interested in hearing about any work experience and volunteering opportunities that you feel have supported your personal development.

When is the Summer Vacation Scheme?

We will be running three, week-long schemes during the summer of 2022. The first week is likely to be mid-June, and the other weeks will be mid-July. If you are applying for the SVS and have particular dates to avoid, you can specify this in the ‘additional information’ section of the form and if your application is successful, we will do our best to take this into account. For scheduling purposes, we will be reviewing applications to the SVS on a rolling basis.

Will I have a better chance of successfully applying for the Trainee Solicitor Programme if I have been on the Summer Vacation Scheme?

We review applications from all candidates equally, as we appreciate there may be circumstances preventing individuals from being able to attend the Summer Vacation Scheme. 

We would, however, encourage all candidates to apply for our Summer Vacation Scheme as this is a great opportunity to meet the team and to find out more about Myerson.  Candidates on the vacation scheme will also have the opportunity to meet with the current Trainee Solicitors to find out about life as a Trainee at Myerson and will meet with members of the Trainee Committee for a Q&A session at the end of the week.  This provides candidates with an opportunity to learn more about the Trainee Solicitor Programme and the application process.

We do typically recruit a combination of applicants who have and haven’t attended the Summer Vacation Scheme.

If I am not offered a Summer Vacation Scheme placement, does that mean my application for the Trainee Solicitor Programme will also be rejected?

No, as there are a limited number of Summer Vacation Scheme placements, your application for the Trainee Solicitor Programme will still be considered.

If I have previously applied for a role at Myerson can I apply again?

Yes, we welcome applications from those candidates who have previously applied for a role with us, however it is important to consider why your application was unsuccessful.  We would advise that you revisit your application form and include any information or additional experience that you have gained since your initial application to support your submission.

What do you look for in applicants?

Our core values are at the centre of everything we do.  We look for candidates who can demonstrate that they can live up to and promote our values both at work and outside of working hours.

We do look for candidates with strong academics with, ideally, a minimum of a 2.1 at degree level.  However, as important as academics are, we recognise that they are only one aspect of a CV and applications from candidates who have not achieved a 2.1 or above will not be automatically rejected. We take the time to carefully read all applications in full and will make decisions based on a number of factors. Successful applicants will also have a genuine interest in joining Myerson and be able to clearly demonstrate why they are looking to train with the firm.

What are your retention rates for Trainee Solicitors?

We recruit Trainees who align with our core values and who we believe have the potential to become future Solicitors at Myerson.  We invest in the development of our Trainees and aim to retain all of them. We are delighted to be retaining all of our Trainees who qualify this year.

How will my training and seat rotations be structured?

Training typically comprises of four seats, each lasting six months.

How much choice do trainees have in relation to their seat rotations?

Trainees are encouraged to share their seat preferences with the Trainee Partners as part of their regular one-to-one catch ups.  Individual preferences for seat allocation are taken into account when assigning trainee seats.  Whilst we do try our best to accommodate these preferences, we also have to take into account the needs of the business and any SRA training requirements.

Can Trainees join the CSR or Social Committees?

Yes absolutely! Our Trainees receive excellent legal training, but we recognise that being a technical legal expert is only one part of being a successful solicitor. We encourage our Trainees to get involved in ‘Myerson life’ as much as possible. Many of our Trainees have played important roles in our CSR and Social Committees and we encourage them to attend wider networking and social events too. We also have a running club, book club, yoga club and personal training club so there are plenty of activities for Trainees to get involved in!