Interim Payment Applications

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Interim Payment Applications

Myerson have made a short video guide in relation to a recent court decision that may be of interest to those currently working on construction projects, and dealing with interim payment applications. The case brought to light is RGB plastering against towing dry lining and plastering, RGB engaged TAWE as a dry lining subcontractor on a project in Portsmouth. The subcontract included a mechanism for interim payments and the payment table, or schedule detailing the relevant dates for each payment cycle clause 18 which stated that the subcontractor was to submit applications for payment which reflect the sums due to it.

What the Facts are

RGB went on to say that should the subcontractor submit an application after the relevant interim payment application date, then the application will not be considered and no payment will become due to or be made by RGB on the final date for payment. The payment schedule was a table which set out the relevant dates for each payment cycle, these included for the application of the April 2019 cycle. We dive deeper into the subject in the video below stating the situation and what took place regarding RGB and TAWE



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