Helping Small Businesses to get the Cash and Support they need to Survive

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Stay Focused > Protect the Economy > Save Jobs.

During April, Myerson, together with other members of the UK200Group, has been asking small businesses across the UK to share information about how their business was faring before the lockdown and what has happened since. 

Worryingly this research shows that 510,731 people, in the North West of England, are at risk of unemployment.  This is a stark and worrying number, but this is the reality of what the UK may be facing.

Therefore, Myerson along with the UK200Group members, have written to Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, to highlight the 3 key areas of concern for SMEs that the research has identified: 

Access to bank funding to preserve their business;

  1. Help to rebuild their business once the pandemic eases; and
  2. More support for the self-employed to tide them over.

In the UK200Group letter, we have called on the government to prioritise the support for SMEs and in particular, have highlighted the following measures that will help address SMEs current challenges:

Removing some of the administrative hurdles of the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.

  1. Continued support for furloughed employees, rather than a hard end to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.
  2. Refining the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme to ensure it is well-targeted. 

The UK200Group have called on the government to Stay Focused > Protect the Economy > Save Jobs.

We are committed to doing our bit to support our clients by raising issues with the government on SMEs behalf and by collaborating with the government and others to achieve these goals.


We are here to help.

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About UK200Group.

The UK200Group is the UK’s leading membership association of independent, quality-assured chartered accountancy and law firms. The Group comprises c. 600 partners and represents c. 150,000 SMEs, owner-operators and family businesses. Find out more about the UK200Group by visiting their website


About the survey and data

The survey was conducted in the first 3 weeks of April 2020. 1,793 SME businesses from across the UK participated in the survey.

View the report and results

You can view the report here to review the Business Impact Report Survey and Results answered by businesses around the North West and UK.

The extrapolation of data to work out the potential number of people at risk of unemployment was achieved by applying the survey data results to the National Statistics - Business population estimates for the UK and regions: 2019 statistical release data.