Employment Newsletter August 2022

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As we emerge from the pandemic, both inclusivity in the workplace and new flexible ways of working have been hot topics. The rights of transgender employees and also those with menopausal symptoms are two issues that have regularly been in the news. Meanwhile, the workplace has seen huge changes in the past few years with the advent of remote working. One by-product of the pandemic has been a sharp increase in the number of flexible working requests that employers are receiving.

Content included in this newsletter:

In this newsletter, we explore these issues to ensure employers are up to date on recent developments and are aware of the risks but also know how to mitigate those risks. This includes the following articles:

  • Why Pronouns Matter In The Workplace. Gender recognition and the rights of transgender employees, the importance of an inclusive approach, as well as the legal protections available to those employees who may hold conflicting beliefs.
  • Menopause in the workplace. With women of menopausal age making up 23% of all women in employment, we explore the need for employers to understand menopause and adopt appropriate working policies.
  • Flexible working: Are Women Being Discriminated Against? We look at two recent cases concerning flexible working and the ‘childcare disparity’, where an employer’s policy over working arrangements may disadvantage women more than men due to their generally greater childcare commitments.

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