At Myerson we understand that it is our responsibility to promote an environmentally friendly workplace.

The day to day activities of any business can have a detrimental impact on the environment and this is something we aim to reduce and prevent.

We currently do the following:

  • Wherever possible, we recycle old IT equipment;
  • We use environmentally friendly paper which comes from a sustainable source;
  • We recycle confidential waste;
  • Wherever possible, we use teleconferencing and video conferencing facilities for meetings and court hearings etc.;
  • We encourage the use of public transport when attending external meetings and court hearings etc.;
  • We provide recycling bins in all of our kitchens for use by all of our staff; and
  • Automatic switching off of lights at our new premises at Grosvenor House.

We would like to move towards becoming a paperless office and our first department to trial this will be our employment team.

We are also in the process of introducing a cycle to work scheme with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.