Careers Assistance in Local Schools

We offer careers assistance to students in local schools by attending workshops and careers events. We provide information about a career in the legal sector, the various routes into law and details of the other non-legal roles that help keep a law firm running. 

These events are always a success, and we receive lots of positive feedback from students and parents alike. A few of the things we discuss with students at careers events are:

  • The practicalities of working in a legal environment;
  • Advice on the types of firms – from high street firms, to medium-size firms (such as Myerson) and even “the big six”;
  • The different areas of law and what it’s like to work in those areas. 

We always bring at least one of our current trainees to these events as we find it is very beneficial for students to be able to speak with trainees who can share their own experience of training to be a lawyer. It is important for students considering law to research the available options and pick the route into the profession that most suits them. 

Our attendees are always willing to answer questions from students and talk to them about their own experiences whilst studying and working in a law firm. We always hope to see some of the students we meet in the future once they have started their legal training.

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As part of our commitment to assisting local school students we have recently attended careers events at Wellington School, Altrincham Girls Grammar school, Altrincham Boys School and Loreto grammar school. Many students at these schools are considering choosing law as a career and it was great to be able to offer advice and tips to help them with their decision.

We also recently attended Trafford College of Arts to provide a learning session on Civil Courts and actions. This was to assist students with their citizenship GCSE.

Schools that are interested in the career assistance or tailored talks should contact us at

Vacation Schemes

We also offer summer vacation placements to university students interested in spending a structured two weeks in our office. Please check our Careers page (link) for information on the next vacation scheme.

We also have placements focused on the non-legal side of the business, including HR, Marketing, Accounts and Administration.

For more information on vacation schemes please visit our Careers page.