Benedict Cumberbatch has found himself at the centre of a neighbour dispute over his proposals for a shed in his back garden.

The actor currently lives in Camden, London and has submitted plans to build a 15 square-metre outbuilding at the bottom of his garden.

Following uproar last year, Mr Cumberbatch made significant changes to his initial plans such as downscaling the proportions of the building significantly. A natural planted roof and walls with a sloping roof have also been included to the new proposals, so that the appearance of the shed would be more camouflaged to its surroundings. Despite this, the neighbour’s association has said no “amount of ‘Dad’s Army’ camouflage will mask the shape of the building against the sky”.

The neighbours have also objected on the basis that the development is “insensitive and oppressive”, and will cause a potential loss of light and privacy.

The Sherlock star’s representative (Michael Doyle) has said that the re-submitted scheme has been substantially revised in response to planning officer and neighbour comments. He also notes that there are a “range of different-sized rear garden structures in the area, some of which are substantially larger than that proposed here”.

Following a meeting with Camden Council this week, the planners are being urged to grant permission for the 160sq ft shed. In his report, planning officer Ben Farrant wrote that:

“'The proposal is considered to preserve the character and appearance of the conservation area. The proposal would not result in undue harm in terms of overlooking or loss of privacy.”

It is still to be decided whether the planning application for the shed will be decided by a planning officer under delegated powers or councillors at a committee meeting.

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