Myerson Real Estate Network Survey Key Results

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Thank you to everyone who took part and completed the Myerson Real Estate Network Survey. 

We had a fantastic response, which ended on 20th May 2020.

The survey results made for overall positive reading.

Almost 40% of respondents are proceeding with transactions as normal and 55% are aiming to complete property transactions during the lockdown, if possible.

44% are waiting for the market to stabilise before entering into further transactions and it was encouraging to see that 2/3 of respondent property owners and developers are aiming to take advantage of any downturn in the market to further invest.

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Joanne Perritt, Head of the Real Estate Department at Myerson.

Myerson Real Estate Network Infographic Proceeding with TransactionsREN Infograhic participants are planning to complete property transactions during the lockdown period if possible


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