Myerson Helps Businesses Navigate Brexit Uncertainty With Free Knowledge Hub

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Myerson Solicitors in Altrincham, Manchester, has launched a brand-new Brexit Hub to help businesses navigate the risks and opportunities presented by Brexit.

Aimed at business leaders, SMEs and employers, the new Brexit Hub provides legal updates on topics ranging from corporate and commercial, data protection, employment, intellectual property and commercial litigation. Hub visitors will also find free, downloadable guides on the impact of Brexit on SMEs, as well as the UK’s revised immigration system and settled status for employees. Each guide explains Brexit’s implications, sets out actionable steps to help businesses prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and points readers in the direction of additional resources and tools. 

Whatever the outcome of the negotiations, all businesses will be impacted by a range of legal and economic changes. To plot a route through these challenges, leaders must identify key commercial and legal risks, take action to mitigate any negative effects and plan for worst-case scenarios. 

But it’s not all bad news because with change comes opportunity. With the right legal insight, businesses can take advantage of any commercial openings that emerge. 

As Terry Moore, the Senior Associate leading Myerson’s multi-disciplinary Brexit team notes: “How companies respond to the legal and commercial implications of Brexit will determine their success in the coming months and years. Our new Brexit Hub helps SMEs and employers to initiate a detailed planning process that will reduce risk and position them to act on any opportunities.”

Learn more about Brexit and how it will affect your business by visiting the Myerson Brexit Hub.