At a time we saw the housing market frozen by the Government, we launched a Prestige Residential Property Service to our Residential Conveyancing clients.

Head of Residential Property, Heather Adams commented:

“We are proud to offer our clients a unique Prestige Residential Property Service, to help them protect their most considered investment.

We created this added offering to provide a bespoke, solicitor-led service, tailored to each client’s specific requirements, which are kept firmly at the forefront of our minds throughout the process.

This service helps us differentiate ourselves from other more traditional conveyancing firms as we don’t deal in bulk conveyancing and we don’t use automated systems to manage client files. Our personal prestige approach is delivered by a close-knit team of experienced, qualified and accredited solicitors, so clients can trust us to deal quickly with any complications that may arise and ensure that their sale and purchase stays on track and is communicated”.


“We know that one of the biggest criticisms clients often have of their solicitor is that they are not kept informed regarding their transactions. I am thrilled to be joining a team that has evolved their processes around their clients and their bespoke needs.

With the property market now having re-opened, home buying and selling processes will need to adapt their working practices and it is more important than ever solicitors do the same and take the stress out of all the legal aspects of a transaction for their clients”.

At a time, the residential market has slowed, it is great to see investment is being made in various areas including law, keeping the residential market innovative and current.

For more information on the residential conveyancing team at Myerson visit our Prestige page.