A guide to parenting through separation

Good divorce week is an annual campaign run by Resolution and is taking place this year from 29th November until 3rd December.

Resolution is an organisation of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.

Resolution members are committed to a code of practice promoting a constructive approach to family issues that consider the needs of the whole family.

Supporting separating families

As part of Good Divorce Week, each year, Resolution highlights a different campaign aimed at helping separating parents.

This year Resolution are highlighting some of the work done by the Parenting After Parting Committee. The committee has prepared a guide to parenting through separation, which aims to help families put the needs of any children first.

The guide covers some of the following issues: -

  • What should my first steps be now that I have separated from my partner?
  • Your new co-parenting role.
  • How to communicate with your co-parent.
  • How children react to separation and how to help them.
  • How important is the voice of the child?
  • What are the types of disputes that might arise between separating parents?
  • The legal position.

For this year's Good Divorce Week, Resolution is offering a free guide to support separating families

The Family Law Team at Myerson are all members of Resolution and are committed to following a non-confrontational and constructive approach to resolving family law issues. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding divorce, you can contact our Family Law Team below.

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