Family Mediation Solicitors

We offer the option of three services to family clients.

The three options are:

Traditional process

You are able to instruct us to advise you in relation to all matters arising from relationship breakdown.

We aim to resolve your issues as constructively as possible by negotiation.

Where needed, we are able to represent you in relation to court proceedings.

Mediation process

You are able to refer yourself as a couple to our trained family mediator who is able to facilitate negotiations between you and explore viable options for each of you. You attend a three way round table confidential meeting (or series of meetings) with the mediator who will work with you in customising solutions to outstanding issues which are acceptable for each of you.

The mediator will meet you and your partner together, and will work with you to facilitate discussions. The mediator is neutral and does not take sides. If the mediator considers that you require specific legal advice on an issue, or you require advice from another third party professional, the mediator will guide you to seek this help. The mediator will provide you both with general legal information within the mediation process, where appropriate.

The mediation process can be helpful for the following reasons:

  • The process can restore direct communication and promote on-going dialogue;
  • It can achieve swift solutions to urgent practical issues;
  • It provides a secure, structured environment in which to discuss all issues arising from the breakdown of the relationship;
  • It can assist each of you to take equal control of the decision making process; and
  • The process tends to be swifter and less expensive than pursuing matters via solicitors’ correspondence, or through the courts.

Once you have reached a solution which you each find acceptable, the mediator will prepare a summary of proposals together with a summary of financial information, if appropriate. You will then be able to take these documents to your solicitor for legal advice and approval.

After you have received that advice and are happy with the proposals, your solicitor will then draft a legally binding document for you.

Since April 2011, there is a requirement that anybody wanting to go to court regarding their children or financial issues following a relationship breakdown should first attend a meeting with a mediator to find out about the mediation process and other non-court options.



Resolute Family Mediation provides a family mediation service in the South Manchester and Cheshire area.

Our Head of Family Law, Jane Tenquist is a trained Resolution Family Mediator.

Full details about the services provided can be found at our dedicated Resolute Family Mediation Website.

Collaborative process

The aim of this process is to negotiate a settlement without the need to go to court. This option reduces the stress and costs involved in court proceedings.

The couple each engage their own collaborative lawyer and agree to negotiate with each other without issuing court proceedings, in a series of four way confidential meetings with their respective solicitors present throughout.

The collaborative process is a more cost effective solution to the court process.

At the beginning of the process, you and your lawyer, your ex-partner and his/her lawyer will sign an agreement not to go to court during the collaborative process. This ensures that everyone is committed to resolving matters outside the court process.

The collaborative process provides a secure environment for you to attend meetings side by side with your own lawyer present. Other third party professionals, such as accountants, might also be invited to advise within the process.

Face to face four way meetings will be set up to discuss all issues arising from the relationship breakdown. There is very little correspondence involved, as negotiations are conducted within the meetings. Each lawyer is committed to reducing conflict between you, and will work with you to find fair solutions.

Once an agreement has been reached, your lawyers will be able to draft an order to be approved by the court. There would be no need to attend court at any stage.

However, if the negotiations break down within the collaborative process, then both lawyers must withdraw from the case, and you must then instruct new lawyers who will issue court proceedings on your behalf.

Our Head of Family Law, Jane Tenquist, is a collaborative lawyer. If you would like to find out more about the collaborative process, please telephone her on 0161 941 4000.

“Whilst your role in the joint discussions was necessarily neutral & independent , the kindness you showed me before, and especially after the session, at a terribly upsetting time is something that I remember and appreciate

How We Can Help

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