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There are a range of court orders available under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 which protect the interests of children whose parents are unmarried, such as:

“Top up” child maintenance

If the paying parent’s gross income is more than £3000 per week, you will need to apply for a maximum assessment to the CMS. If a maximum assessment is made, you can then apply under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 for a “top up” child maintenance order.

It may be possible for children in university education to make applications in their own right under Schedule 1, for financial assistance for university expenses.

Lump sum payments

This can include payments to renovate and adapt a house, provision for a car or for another specific item. There can be multiple applications and you are not limited to making one single application.

School fees order

You can apply for the other parent to pay your child’s school fees.

Transfer of property/ Settlement of property

You can apply for an order for housing provision for yourself and your child. You are limited to one single application. Usually, the property is not transferred outright to you, but you are provided with rent free housing during the child’s minority. Generally, the house reverts back to the other parent, once the child reaches majority.

Legal fees

You are able to apply for an order for costs against the other parent. This assists those parents who have no other means to pursue claim.

What will the court look at when assessing your claim?

The financial needs of your child;

The income and earning capacity (if any), property and other financial resources of your child;

Any physical or mental disability of your child;

How you, as parents, intended to educate your child;

Each of your respective earning capacities, property and other financial resources; and

Each of your respective current and future financial needs, obligations and responsibilities.

In addition to your potential claims under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989, you may also have a potential claim against your ex-partner for capital provision under The Trust of Land & Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. Further information is available at Property Rights for Unmarried Couples.

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