Mr Murdoch and Miss Hall announced their engagement in The Times this morning.

Mr Murdoch aged 84 and Miss Hall 59 began dating in the summer of 2015.  It will be the fourth marriage for Mr Murdoch, father of six children and the first for Miss Hall who is the mother of four of Mick Jagger’s children.

Mr Murdoch is Australian but as US nationality.  Miss Hall is an American who has lived in Britain for many years.

Mr Murdoch and Miss Hall would be extremely naïve to embark upon marriage without a Pre-nuptial Agreement protecting their pre-maritally acquired wealth.

At Myerson we have extensive experience of drafting Pre-nuptial Agreements when parties have property in this country and abroad.  Please contact a member of the family team at Myerson for a free half hour consultation about cross border Pre-nuptial Agreements.

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