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There has been a noticeable rise in development projects in Manchester in recent years, and the focus on placemaking has become increasingly apparent. The changing behaviour of consumers and urban dwellers means that councils and planners now have more of a holistic focus when considering developments in the city.

The idea behind placemaking is that in an urban development, a multi-dimensional approach is taken at all stages of the project, from planning through to the management of the space when construction is complete. It is this all-inclusive and comprehensive approach that creates vibrant areas within the city and has benefits for those who live, work and invest in such a place.

There are many examples of good placemaking in Manchester city centre, such as the overhaul of Piccadilly Gardens last year to create a green space in an urban area. On a much larger scale, the plan for the Mayfield development, a 30 acre site next to Piccadilly station, includes 1,500 houses, offices, 2 hotels, retail facilities and a park. This combination of commercial, retail and domestic use is an essential part of placemaking.

The proximity of these different spaces shows how the commercial and retail landscape in cities is being reshaped as a reaction to changing consumer behaviour. Consumers are demanding more convenient shopping experiences and the proximity of the shops to offices and houses is meeting this demand. The creation of green spaces and parks within built-up areas is also a response to the call for a more healthy and wholesome working and living environment.

All cities in the UK must rise to the challenge of meeting different demands for any urban development and Manchester's commitment to placemaking will mean that these areas are vibrant as well as economically resilient for years to come.

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