We have launched Myerson Connections, a new referral scheme for law firms, solicitors and those operating in the legal sector. The scheme provides a reliable and high-quality service to assist other lawyers in areas of law in which they do not practise, or where they have a conflict of interest.

Whilst the market for formal referral schemes has previously been dominated by large city centre law firms, Myerson Connections is now proving to be a market disruptor. Over the past 12 months, lawyers from across the country have been signing up to the scheme and taking advantage of the benefits it provides.

With no membership fee, minimum term, exclusivity or referral obligations, Myerson Connections is very accessible and user friendly, offering lawyers a wealth of benefits in addition to providing their clients with access to Myerson’s niche specialisms.

Referrals from other law firms is nothing new to Myerson.  Over the past 5 years, referrals from other lawyers has made up, on average, 5% of the firm’s fee income per annum.  Myerson Connections was created to build on this success and assist Myerson in becoming the first choice for lawyer referrals.

Chris Wilson, Head of Business Development at Myerson, said:

“Each law firm we work with is different and each client they have is different again, so we designed Myerson Connections to be flexible and personal, so at all times the client comes first and receives the very best level of service.  We’re happy to, and do, pay very competitive referral fees, but on the whole, we find lawyers are attracted to Myerson because of our offering: a genuine partner-led service delivered by collegiate teams working together as trusted advisors.  Myerson Connections Members want their clients to be well looked after by a firm they can relate to, whilst still receiving an expert service; and we certainly excel at delivering this!”

Myerson has just over 120 members of staff based at its single site office in Altrincham, advising clients across a range of commercial and private client specialisms and sectors.  We have doubled in size through organic growth in the last 5 years and continues to go from strength to strength.

To learn more about Myerson Connections, you can visit the website here or call the team on 0161 941 4000.