The Myerson Coffee Couch presents:  How COVID-19 is Shaping the Property Market


How COVID-19 is Shaping the Property Market

with Director, Stuart Cooper and Head of Agency, Dan Rogers from Roger Hannah.



Hosted by Jeremy Lee, Partner in the Real Estate Group at Myerson Solicitors.

Date:        Tuesday 19 May

Time:       14:00 pm – 14:20 pm


Join the Myerson Real Estate Network for a LIVE 15-minute ‘Coffee Couch Catch Up’ discussing the impact COVID-19 has had on the property market.


On the Coffee Couch this week are guests Stuart Cooper (Director) alongside Dan Rogers (Head of Agency) from Roger Hannah – the North West’s leading independent firm of chartered surveyors and property managers. 


Stuart and Dan will be taking us through their thoughts and opinions on the recent impact COVID-19 has had on the property market.


Topics discussed will include:

  • The effect on transactions and the market generally?
  • How can property professionals, surveyors and agents differentiate themselves at this time?
  • How has the successful auction arm at Roger Hannah adapted?
  • Their opinion on the long-term shift of the property sector?


This week’s Coffee Couch, will be of particular interest to anybody and everybody in the property industry.

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