A Jewish couple have been allowed to continue their battle against the ban on heterosexual Civil Partnerships.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keiden have been granted permission to continue with their application in the High Court.

Currently, Civil Partnerships are only available to gay and lesbian couples and the traditional marriage is the only union available to homosexual couples. The law changed last year to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry but not for heterosexual couples to engage in Civil Partnerships.

The couple launched a judicial review after trying to hold a Civil Partnership ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall, where they were turned away because the Civil Partnership Act only applies to same-sex couples.

They object to traditional marriage on the grounds that it is sexist and instead, wish to register their union in a civil ceremony.

In the High Court, Mrs Justice Laing also granted the parties a Protective Costs Order which will limit their liability for the government’s legal costs, should they be unsuccessful. However, they could still be liable for up to £70,000, and in an attempt to gain wider support, they have launched an appeal for financial contributions towards their legal fees via website GoFundMe.

The couple are said to be delighted at their recent success, recognising it as a significant milestone in opening Civil Partnerships to all, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.

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