January is one of the busiest times of the year for family lawyers as it often sees twice as many people issuing divorce proceedings.

Many relationships, which are already on shaky ground, can be worsened by the Christmas period. In addition, The New Year is a time where individuals may assess their lives and relationships. This can result in some wishing to initiate a new or fresh start, which can mean terminating a marriage which they feel is no longer working.

Then there are those relationships which may have broken down long before Christmas but don’t result in either spouse actually issuing divorce proceedings until January. Many couples prefer to stay together for the festive period, saving the difficult emotions and discussions for the New Year. The presence of children is also an important factor, as parents do not want to cause any disruption and upset during what is supposed to be a happy time.

Sometimes, Christmas can cause marital breakdown and there are a number of factors which can be pointed to. Christmas is usually a time where families spend more quality time together than any other time in the year. This can be a catalyst for divorce as the increased amount of time spent with your spouse gives more opportunity for arguments and can make you re-evaluate your relationship. You may notice things that annoy or upset you, which would not usually bother you in your busy day to day lives during the rest of the year. Then there is the stress of preparing for Christmas and family gatherings, which can lead to an increase in arguments which may be further exacerbated by financial pressures at one of the most expensive times of the year. Christmas is also a time where more alcohol is consumed, and too much may encourage unwise candour and irrational actions. Or, one spouse may behave inappropriately at the office Christmas party, especially if already in an unhappy marriage.

The solicitors at Myerson LLP encourage those experiencing troubled relationships to seek legal advice at the earliest possible stage. That way, if you do decide to issue divorce proceedings, you already have the key legal facts to enable you to take the correct steps.

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