Man fathers ten children in four months

26 year old Kenzie Kilpatrick from Birmingham has fathered ten children by nine different women in the last four months, by advertising a sperm donor service on Facebook.

Kenzie said that he had “stumbled across” the idea of becoming a sperm donor after discovering websites on the internet. Openly gay Kenzie set up his own Facebook group, Drama Free UK Sperm Donors, last June. The group now has around 200 members and has been inundated with requests.

He has tried to help around fifty childless women fulfil their dreams of becoming a parent at no cost, claiming travel and hotel expenses only. Kenzie usually meets the women at their homes or in hotel rooms and provides a sperm sample which couples can inseminate using a syringe.

Six of the women have given birth in the last ten weeks, welcoming two girls and five boys, including twins. Nine of the women are in lesbian relationships, whilst one heterosexual couple had spent over £30,000 on IVF treatment, only to get pregnant with Kenzie’s assistance.

Kenzie’s involvement with the children starts and ends with the sperm donation. He says that he has to trust the mothers not to pursue him for child maintenance and they trust him not to demand child contact.

Kenzie said that he feels “incredible” knowing that he has ten children carrying his genes but he said “…I don’t feel like I need to know the babies or stay in touch with their families – I just provide the sperm. I’m not attached to them”.

The family solicitors at Myerson LLP regularly advise individuals on the legal issues surrounding artificial insemination. However, private arrangements such as this are completely unregulated and will probably remain as such, as it would be extremely difficult to regulate intercourse or DIY artificial insemination.

It is always advisable to undergo donor insemination at a clinic licenced by the Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority. That way, the sperm donor will not have any legal rights over any child conceived.

In this situation, as Kenzie has not donated through a licensed clinic, he is considered as the legal father of the children. This means he does have the ability to apply for formal Parental Responsibly and contact with those children. Also, as he is the legal father, the mothers could seek child maintenance via the Child Maintenance Service.

Kenzie has decided to stop for now but it will be interesting to see if all parties concerned keep to their promises as the children grow up.

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