Employment Law Diary 2014/2015

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The table below highlights key Employment Law dates for 2014/2015:

Implementation Date


31 January 2014 TUPE: New Regulations in force making changes to TUPE including in relation to unfair dismissal, restrictions on changes to terms and conditions of employment, collective agreements, employee liability information, consultation for micro businesses and a new procedure for collective consultation.  Please see below for the varying implementation dates and see our newsletter for further information.
April 2014 TUPE: Employee liability information to be provided no later than 28 days before a transfer taking place on or after 1 May 2014.
6 April 2014 TUPE and Pensions: Changes to the current pension protection regime on a TUPE transfer will operate so as to allow the transferee employer the option of matching the transferor employer’s level of employee contributions. This is as an alternative to the current requirement of matching the employee’s chosen contribution rate up to 6%.
6 April 2014 Compensation Limits: The maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal goes up from £74,200 to £76,574.  The amount of a week’s pay for the purposes of calculating awards such as unfair dismissal basic awards and statutory redundancy payments also goes up from £450 to £464.
6 April 2014 ACAS Conciliation: The new ACAS early conciliation service will be introduced meaning that every claimant will have to go through this process before they can submit their claim form to the tribunal.  Please see our newsletter for further information.
6 April 2014 Financial Penalties: Tribunals will have the power to impose financial penalties on employers who lose at tribunal and where their behaviour has one or more aggravating features. The penalties must be 50% of the successful claimant’s award up to a maximum of £5,000 payable to the secretary of state in addition to any compensation awarded to the claimant.  Please see our newsletter for further information.
6 April 2014 Discrimination Questionnaires: The statutory discrimination questionnaire procedure which allows individuals to raise specific questions regarding discrimination is abolished and replaced with new ACAS guidance.  Please see our newsletter for more information.
6 April 2014 Increase to statutory payments: The rate of statutory sick pay goes up from £86.70 to £87.55.  The rate of statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay goes up from £136.78 to £138.18.
6 April 2014 Tribunal fees: Certain tribunal claims will be re-classified as “Type B” claims which require higher fees being a £250 issue fee and a £950 hearing fee (compared to “Type A” claims being a £160 issue fee and a £230 hearing fee). This is to correct errors made when the fees were introduced in July 2013.  The affected claims include equal pay, failure to allow compensatory rest under the Working Time Regulations 1998, failure to inform and consult under TUPE and breach of the right to request time off for training.
30 June 2014 Flexible working:  The right to request flexible working will be extended to all employees who have 26 weeks’ continuous service.  The request will no longer be limited to employees who have caring responsibilities. ACAS has published a code of practice for employers on how to handle requests to work flexibly.
31 July 2014 TUPE: Micro businesses (where the number of employees is fewer than 10) will not need to elect representatives to inform and consult with affected employees under TUPE.  Instead, employees can be informed and consulted on an individual basis.  See our newsletter for further information.
1 October 2014 New Rights for Antenatal Appointments:  The right for time off to attend up to two antenatal appointments will be available to expectant fathers and partners of pregnant women.
October 2014 Equal Pay:  New regulations are expected to be introduced which will allow tribunals to order an employer to carry out an equal pay audit where they have lost an equal pay claim.
5 April 2015 Shared Parental Leave: Changes are expected to be introduced in relation to how and when maternity and paternity leave can be taken and shared between parents so as to provide more flexibility. The draft regulations have now been published.

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