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As a commercial law firm, with a substantial commercial and property offering, we understand the issues that will be relevant when investigating a professional negligence claim against a surveyor or architect.

Our litigation team is rate as “top tier” by the independent Legal 500 and you can therefore be assured that you will receive the best possible expert care and advice.

We offer all our clients a no obligation, free assessment of your professional negligence claim and we are as flexible as possible when it comes to funding claims. We will often work under a conditional fee arrangement (a “no win, no fee” agreement).


Surveyor Negligence

We are also able to identify when a surveyor may have breached their professional duties. The law provides that if a surveyor provides a valuation which is more than 10-15% above or below the correct value, that surveyor is likely to be found to be negligent.

An important factor in investigating a potential negligence claim against a surveyor is the type of report that was completed and provided to the client. In most cases negligence claims are made when a full structural survey is issued. Full structural surveys provide the most information about the potential property meaning that there is more scope for potential negligence.

The surveyor report that provides the least detail is a mortgage valuation. Mortgage valuations provide only an evaluation of a potential mortgage meaning that other elements of the property such as its structural safety are not taken into account. Due to this lack of information it can be difficult to claim negligence, however if the claim is specifically relating to the mortgage in question you may be able to make a claim.

Example of Surveyor Negligence:

  • Failing to consider comparable properties in the local area;
  • Providing a valuation on an incorrect basis e.g. potential value rather than current market value;
  • Conducting a “drive by” valuation instead of a full inspection; and
  • Failure to spot defects in the property.

Architect Negligence

Architects are regularly instructed in commercial and residential property developments. Sometimes their failures can lead a property owner to suffer significant losses.
If an architect does not provide competent advice and you suffer a financial loss as a result, you may be able to bring a professional negligence claim against the architect in question.

It is common for individuals to hire architects as a way of relieving some of the responsibilities when they are designing or developing a commercial or residential property. In this instance it is the duty of the architect to provide certain professional skills that meet a required level of competence. The architect will often plan the initial stages of the proposed building along with liaising with the construction team. Sometimes an architect will project manage a development.

The consequences of architect negligence can be extremely severe with potentially huge financial losses. There could be a situation where due to the architect’s negligence a property requires significant extra building work or even demolition.

Working closely with our commercial and property teams, we understand the issues that may be relevant when investigating a professional negligence claim against an architect.

When making a negligence claim it is important to define exactly what context the level of service has been delivered. If it is simply inadequate service then the potential of making a claim is minimal however if the architect is deemed negligent we will pursue the case for you. We will be able to identify sufficiently whether an architect has breached their professional duties.

Examples of architect negligence:

  • Providing insufficient supervision during a project.
  • Failing to manage a project effectively.
  • Failing to advise properly in regards to any property plans or drawings.
  • Failing to obtain sufficient planning permission.
  • Failing to comply with necessary building regulations.

If an architect outsources specific tasks on a project to a third party and those tasks are not undertaken properly, it may be possible to hold the architect responsible for the mistakes of those third parties and claim compensation from the architect.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our specialist team of professional negligence lawyers have substantial experience of ADR. We have the experience and flexibility to be able to advise you on how best to deal with your dispute, including when will be the best time to try and settle the dispute. Often, this will result in a saving of time, costs and aggravation.

Funding Options

We have a wealth of expertise both in bringing and defending complex and high-value claims and our fees are fair and transparent and we are happy to discuss funding arrangements with you with no obligation.

We will advise you at the outset about any liability you may have for legal costs. Our fees are competitive in comparison to other law firms, especially in comparison to the larger law firms based in the UK’s main legal centres of London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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