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If you think something has gone wrong with your transaction or matter or could have been better if handled differently, and you want advice about a professional negligence claim against your legal advisor you need a solicitor who not only has expertise and experience in handling professional negligence claims but is also in a firm which regularly deals with the type of transaction or matter which has gone wrong.

The professional negligence solicitors at Myerson do have the expertise and experience of dealing with professional negligence cases (as is demonstrated by our sample list of examples below) and because the firm has separate departments with Solicitors specialising in different types of work (litigation, company transactions, property transactions, wills and probate, divorce and other family matters) we are best placed to know how a particular matter should have proceeded and where it has gone wrong.

How We Can Help

Our litigation team is rated as “top tier” by the independent Legal 500 and you can, therefore, be assured that you will receive the best possible expert care and advice.

We offer a no-obligation, free assessment of your negligence claim and we are as flexible as possible when it comes to funding claims. We will often work under a conditional fee arrangement (a “no win, no fee” agreement).

If you have suffered negligence as a result of a solicitor or barrister then please contact our specialist team today for your free assessment.

Solicitor & Barrister Negligence Case Studies

  • A claim by an individual against her former solicitors who acted for her in a claim against a utility company and her local council. The claim had been struck out because her former solicitor took too long to apply to the Court to correct a mistake. The client is claiming for her losses relating to the original claim and for her former solicitors’ costs relating to their negligent advice.
  • A claim by a Husband and Wife business couple whose first set of solicitors had been negligent by failing to serve a Lease Break Notice in time and whose second set of Solicitors were also negligent. The second solicitor failed to comply with Court deadlines and the claim against the first solicitor was struck out.. The claim was settled without the need to issue proceedings.
  • A company instructed solicitors to advise in relation to a claim against its insurance brokers. The solicitors failed to exchange witness statements and also failed to apply to the court for relief from sanctions in relation to the missed deadline. The client’s claim was struck out. We took over the clients professional negligence claim when it was not progressing and the claim was settled.
  • A claim by a company suing its former solicitors because they failed to obtain permission to rely on expert evidence and admissions were made during trial which were damaging to the client.
  • Claims by various companies who had interest bank rate swap claims but whose solicitors did not deal with them in time before limitation expired. The claims against the companies’ former solicitors settled at mediation.
  • A property development company was negligently advised by a solicitor in relation to a property option agreement which meant that the project was not fundable and resulted in the company losing the site.
  • A company occupied 2 commercial properties. The company’s solicitors served invalid break notices on the company’s landlord. The client is therefore liable for rent and other obligations under the lease for a further 2 years.
  • 4 individuals who would have been left legacies in a will but the Solicitor took too long to complete the will and get it signed before the person died so the new will did not take effect. These claims are known as disappointed beneficiary claims.
  • A landlord company is claiming against its solicitors who failed to serve a statutory notice on the company’s tenant which would have enabled the company to recover various charges from the tenant and its guarantor
  • A client purchased the long leasehold of a commercial premises. The client’s solicitor failed to advise him of the various onerous obligations that he would have due to the head lease on the property. The claim against the former solicitor was settled without issuing proceedings.
  • Claims by individuals against their former conveyancing solicitors because the solicitors failed to advise the clients of issues with their residential property when dealing with their purchase. This included failing to advise one client that there was planning permission for development of land at the rear of the property she was buying and failing to conduct a mining search for another client which would have shown that there was a mine shaft underneath the property being bought.
  • A company sued their former solicitor because the solicitor failed to properly transfer title to a property to the client.
  • Individuals who were beneficiaries of a will sued the solicitor who drafted it for negligent drafting. Due to the negligence, the clients’ inheritance was significantly reduced.

Conveyancing & Property Negligence

Most conveyancing and property transactions involve many steps and a procedure which must be followed so that a transaction is completed efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, if the required steps are not followed, this can often cause a loss giving rise to a property negligence claim. Unfortunately, such claims are now quite common and make up a large proportion of professional negligence claims brought.

If you retained a solicitor in relation to a commercial or residential property transaction, and that solicitor has provided poor advice which has resulted in a loss, you may be entitled to bring a property or conveyancing claim against the professional in question.

Examples of when a property solicitor may be negligent:

  • Failing to register an option or other property interests;
  • Failing to undertake necessary property searches;
  • Failing to warn a client that there was no right of way;
  • Failing to warn a client that the property did not have the proper planning permission;
  • Failing to check the tenancy rights of any tenants occupying a property;
  • Failing to warn a client of the risks involved in carrying out repairs to a property prior to the exchange of contracts;
  • Failing to warn a client of the risk involved in exchanging contracts on a purchase before exchanging contracts on a sale;
  • Failing to warn a client of the dangers in exchanging contracts on a purchase prior to arranging a mortgage;
  • Failing to notice that a lease of business premises restricted the use intended by a client;
  • Failing to advise properly on the terms of a lease or tenancy agreement;
  • Failing to ensure entries are removed from the property register prior to completion;
  • Failing to spot a defect on the title or ownership of a property;
  • Failing to advise properly upon rent review;
  • Failing to comply with a client’s instructions; and
  • Failing to properly break a lease.

Funding Options

We have a wealth of expertise both in bringing and defending complex and high-value claims. Our fees are fair and transparent and we are happy to discuss funding arrangements with you with no obligation.

We will advise you at the outset about any liability you may have for legal costs. Our fees are competitive in comparison to other law firms, especially in comparison to the larger law firms based in the UK’s main legal centres of London, Birmingham and Manchester.

We also have good relationships with legal expenses brokers and insurers who can provide legal expenses insurance policies to cover any adverse legal costs.(ATE Insurance).

We will act on a “no win no fee” basis ( a Conditional Fee Agreement) in appropriate cases.

Regardless of how you decide to fund any claim, we are committed to working with you to find a reasonable and cost-effective solution for your dispute.

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